Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carter Pics. Day +136

Hello all! Just wanted to post a few pics of Carter so everyone can see how he is doing. Thankfully everything seems to be trucking along with no complications. Thank God.

Hanging out with his pal. 

No words needed for this. I was spotted with the camera I guess. 

Racing. Why with no shoes, I don't know. And I just noticed neither of them have matching socks on. Ha!

Boys on the block. Gotta love it. 
Carter looks a lot different these days. He's about ten pounds heavier but still as active as ever. He loves playing basketball and just being with his friends. He's changed a lot through this whole ordeal, but I feel like it's been for the better. He's a lot more mature, he's also gained a lot of confidence and is learning about what's important in life. Friends, family, God, and enjoying your life!


  1. Love seeing Carter in all these pictures while he sports the 'Canes attire. It's all about the []_[]

    So glad Carter is doing very well. Continued good health moving forward.