Sunday, March 22, 2015

Carter Pics. Day +136

Hello all! Just wanted to post a few pics of Carter so everyone can see how he is doing. Thankfully everything seems to be trucking along with no complications. Thank God.

Hanging out with his pal. 

No words needed for this. I was spotted with the camera I guess. 

Racing. Why with no shoes, I don't know. And I just noticed neither of them have matching socks on. Ha!

Boys on the block. Gotta love it. 
Carter looks a lot different these days. He's about ten pounds heavier but still as active as ever. He loves playing basketball and just being with his friends. He's changed a lot through this whole ordeal, but I feel like it's been for the better. He's a lot more mature, he's also gained a lot of confidence and is learning about what's important in life. Friends, family, God, and enjoying your life!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day +125

WOW! It's been forever since I've done a post. I made Carter stop long enough to take a recent pic for this update.Thankfully, not much has changed with Carter, except that he continues to thrive. I feel so outrageously blessed with how he's progressed. Not every family has been this lucky with transplant and we continue to try to enjoy each day he's blessed with good health. He looks a lot different these days. His hair is coming back, but he's also getting a lot of new hair in new places as you can see from the picture above.

Now for the technical stuff. His marrow is working great and all of his counts are at a normal level. It's amazing that he has platelets now so if I accidentally hit him in the head with a basketball pass, I don't have to worry about him getting hurt worse than superficially. Phew! The new marrow has engrafted and Carter was at 90(something)% donor last time we checked. All of his levels are going back to normal. He is taking an antibiotic every night through his line which you can see in the pic above. That little white thing under his shirt is his dressing that covers it. He gets an antibiotic as well as fluids throughout the night. He also takes meds three times a day. He does great with everything, but about once a month he will get a little upset about having to go to the doctor, be sick, etc. I always try to remind him that even though things are a little different for us these days, he is on the road to recovery and hopefully by summer will be living almost normally. 

The next milestone for us is day +180. At that point they will start to wean him off of some of his meds to see how well his body will function and accept things by themselves. From there they will walk him back up to a normal immune system and eventually start giving him his immunizations again. He is allowed right now to be around friends and family as long as no one is sick. We've gone to waffle house, and he's gone on a few brief outings here and there. Taking care of a post BMT kid is a balance between keeping them safe and keeping them sane. No kid wants to feel like they are different than the others. 

Carter has been spending a lot of time reading and playing basketball. Though he informed me that his favorite sport and his dream is still to play football. He also has been playing a lot of super smash brothers, hanging out with friends and family, and playing with his legos. Thanks to everyone who has reached out and continues to send love and prayers to our family as we walk through this crazy journey! We have met a few families at the hospital that are post BMT and it's been great to share experiences with them as well as offer them encouragement. For now we just try to live every day as normal as possible and enjoy the heck out of all the good reports we've been getting.