Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day +192

After getting a good report from our doctor, Carter was able to go to school and play kickball with his class. His Tcell count was high enough that she felt he would be ok around the class as long as no one was sick. I'm not really sure what the Tcells mean, but I do know they are indicative of a working immune system. His class won the kickball tournament! He was stoked. It was great for him to be normal again. A lot of the kids were confused about his appearance. He looks a lot different. But don't worry about his confidence. He is very full of himself and composed a song entitled "I Be Sexy", which listed all the ways he was sexy in his daily life. .

Carter is on 0.3 for his dose of cyclosporine. Tomorrow he goes down to 0.2. When he finishes that medicine he gets to begin the process of getting his broviac line out of his chest. Which will be great because he can go swimming!

He's going to go to camp this summer. It's a week long and he will be without us.  I think he's going to have a great time and learn a lot from the other kids. They are having a talent show and he asked if he could learn a Michael Jackson dance for his talent. We are still working on that. Motherhood took a large amount of my rhythm and dance ability.

Overall, we are trying to rest, have fun, and enjoy our time together. You never know what tomorrow will hold. You've gotta love your family like there is no tomorrow!


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