Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 21

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are very much looking forward to seeing some of our family and friends today and eating some of Mr. Rob's she-crab soup. We are looking at possibly going home Monday. We are very thankful today for that and for all of the love and support we have gotten. We have gotten letters from people we didn't even know. Mail and gifts from so many people. Letters and a bracelet from a kid he didn't even know. It's been an amazing help in keeping our spirits high. Carter is feeling great! Eating baby bell cheeses and drinking lots of Gatorade. He's unhooked from his IV a lot during the day since he's primarily using it for fluids. Carter will have a pretty extensive home care plan! We will have to stay pretty isolated except for visitors and trips outside with a mask. I'll have to give him his meds three times a day and also care for his broviac lines by flushing them etc. Good thing Derrick and I have been doing some work in Carter's room, making it more fun. He's gotten really big into doing Legos. Thanks to everyone who gave him a kit. When we get home I plan on displaying them on shelves! He's also taken a liking to reading minecraft books and making things out of them. Right now he and his dad are building a Pagoda. Hope you all enjoy your family and be thankful today for what you've been blessed with!

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  1. I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Us Canes fans are very thankful to have Carter, you and your family a part of our Canes Family :) I will keep you all in my prayers and hope Carter continues to get better!