Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 41

Ok.SO SORRY for the delay in an update! This is Carter on the day we left the hospital!
Some of the amazing staff that cared for him.
Nick, an awesome nurse that cared for Carter.
Breaking out! This was the first time Carter was in this part of the hospital since he was admitted.
Finally home!
Ok. So to update everyone on Carter's progress.
Yesterday the doctor called and said the results of his bone marrow test show that his marrow is 100% donor. I'm not 100% sure what that means, but I'm fairly certain it means that his body has accepted his transplant and allowed the new marrow to "move in" as we say. The doctor said she was really happy about that!
Carter has been eating like a horse and has the cutest puffy cheeks due to his steroids. He's still on a lot of meds as they try to prevent his old immune system from trying to fight off the new stuff and keep him free from any infections.
We've had a few little virus scares here and there but nothing serious so far. We are trying to keep him mostly isolated with a few visitors here and there, as long as they are feeling well. He got a sweet set up in his room and a new desk so he's been doing a lot of Legos and doing school each afternoon with his teacher.
Thank you to so many of you who have sent cards, little gifts, and love and support. We have received so much! Every little bit has helped make Carter feel so happy. I really am at peace with where he is mentally as he seems very content and glad to be home with his family!
Oh, and we found out that he IS allowed to eat food from restaurants as long as they have an A rating, and so he has had wings like three times in the past two weeks. He is obsessed with hot wings.
His doctors are looking for day 100 as the next big milestone, but also said he won't be out of the woods for a few more months.

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