Monday, December 22, 2014

Respect the Stach

Carter is taking a medicine that is gross and makes him hairy. He has developed an adorable fuzzy nose and prepubescent stach. We got a good report from the doctor today. His platelet count was up to 152 which I think might actually be normal. His other two counts were good too which means his baby cord blood is doing his body good. They were monitoring for viruses after last visit they saw some possible action but today everything is still down in a safe range and not a threat. Still pretty nervous about him getting sick, but keeping him masked up and sanitized seems to be doing the trick. He's getting a little bored but I'm sure this week he will feel better! Merry Christmas to all! 


  1. Happy holidays to you and your family. I was really rooting for the 'Canes to win on Saturday as I know you are the biggest fan. I grew up in Miami and love the 'Canes also. Hope you don't get too bummed out about that.

    Duke was awesome and Brad Kaaya will be terrific in 2015.

    Keep the faith and keep healing and strengthening every day!

  2. Love hearing this great news - the stache is cute :). Praying the viruses will stay away. Love you!