Monday, October 13, 2014

Cool Stuff From Our Make A Wish Trip!

Hey guys! As many of you know, we just returned from our vacation to Miami for Carter's make a wish! I will be putting together a more detailed account of our trip, but for now, here is some media for you to feast your eyes on. The cuteness is a bit overwhelming. Go here for pics taken by the staff at Miami. If you click on the Make A Wish section you will see pics of our trip from Wed-Fri, practicing with the team and having fun.

If you click the one that says CANESFOOTBALL Vs. CINN You will see gameday pics including some of Carter doing the Canewalk, looking awesome, and running out of the smoke.

Here is a link to my photobucket account which has some pictures I took

Here is a link to a site with professional pics taken on game day by a Miami photographer

Here's a video of Carter running a play with the team.

Here is a link to Carter's "press conference" he gave before the game Saturday.

Here are a few links of articles written about our week.

Here is the link to Carter's NEWS appearance :)

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