Wednesday, October 15, 2014


So, the winter soldier and I headed back to musc today for our results. Heart looks good, kidney function looks good (thank God), lungs look good except for a few specks on the cat scan which could show infection. Even though he's not currently sick, doc wants to do a test to see what's in there. You don't want to start a BMT with an infection. Either way this will delay our admittance at least a week. This gives carter more time to squeeze toys out of me. Also I might be able to do our local zombie run and carter wants to check out a mac n cheese eating contest so. . Overall. Wet are good with the new development. Test tomorrow to see if it's infection in the lungs or not. Doc doesn't seem to be that worried. I'll try not to be either. :)

Also. We found out that we CAN have visitors of all ages as long as they are well on arrival. 

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