Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TESTS and more tests

At MUSC all day for tests and work ups for our admittance next week. Carter is kicking butt as usual. He is requesting a Captain America shield after we leave. After doing so great I might just get it for him! He's so much tougher than his mama! He's having his kidneys tested right now and watching toy story. Going to be a long day. — feeling positive.

It's crazy how fearful I've gotten about all this stuff. I guess as a mother it becomes so life and death for you if your baby is sick. But I realized something. All of us are given our babies on loan with no guarantee they will be with us tomorrow. At least the fear can be turned into motivation to live in the moment. Must be positive. It truly is a choice. My boy is so amazing and he's such a huge part of me. I'm blessed to have him whether it's for ten or ten x ten years. PLUS, MUSC rocks. And we are blessed to be receiving care from loving professionals in our prosperous country. 

I'll be positive if it kills me.

So today is a day of tests and then tomorrow is a consultation. Let's get it!

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